it's time to celebrate

I'm CORIN, nice to meet you.

I'm Corin. A picture taking, tea drinking, crazy dog lady. I live in a little South Oxfordshire village with my wonderful husband, our cheeky toddler, Beauden, Welsh Pembroke Corgi pup, Tisha and little flock of Pekin Bantam Chickens.

With many years experience as a wedding photographer and videographer, I love meeting new people and capturing precious moments in your life so that you will have memories to treasure for years to come. 

Having an eye for authenticity and beauty in the little things means all aspects of your special day, from the prep to the dancing will be soulfully captured. Free from cliches, just beautiful, authentic imagery. 

Choosing a photographer or videographer for your wedding is a big deal. Even bigger than the venue or the dress in my opinion. Wedding trends change year in, year out but classic, souful imagery will never go out of fashion and you want your images to stand the test of time. These images are going to be what you look back on when you're old & grey, they're what you're going to show to your children and grand children. 

It's important to choose someone who's vision aligns with yours and you know you'll be comfortable with on the day. Get in touch with me to have a chat and see if you think I'd be a good fit for your special day...

and I am all about the butterflies.

this is your day